Friday, December 01, 2006

Some little things happened to me recently :)

First! If you are scared by the spiders and when you see a fly you think it's a wasp and you run away from the room... don't go to Silithus. Really, don't go there :)
One of the first mission you'll get for to "farm" honor and reputation for the Cenarius Enclave consist in a "killing the monster" quest... where the monster is a huge wasp big as a house and it's named "abomination". Geeeeee :/

Naturally after the fight you can visit the underground lair of these insects, a nice place with fireflies big as boar and with an humidity able to make you sweat even when you don't do anything... of the few places where i have been very happy to have my mooncloth robe with no long sleeves :P

Second! Scholomance :) I've been called by a friend (Mageran of the Ottomans). We have to kill someone there and cross our fingers that he drops the right piece of armor for him.

We killed, we crossed the fingers.... we lost :P Neither him nor Darkmaster Gandling drop anything for me and also the mage got just an useless piece of plate :P
Well it's ok... we'll try another time again!

Third! Benediction and Tier2 priest set :) I've decided to get this wonderful staff above all because it's the symbol you're a priest... and the tier2 because it's very very very cutie... and i'm sure i'll be sexy with that gear on :)
Maybe for reach this goal I'll have to leave my guild and find another one... :/


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

niiiice post!!! :) cant wait to do 5man raids in scholo/silth one day! Good luck on gettin tier 2 set hehe


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