Monday, December 04, 2006

The baron doesn't play anymore.... :)

Well, well, well... sometimes ago I have gone to Stratholme with a good party to face the Baron and we miserably failed :/
On sunday instead I've tried it again with a bunch of people that was just so and so. And we wone O___o''

Pretty unbelievable considering that the paladin kept on spamming flash heal without helping to fight or anything (he just healed when the tank lost 1% of his health ^^) and the hunter was afk for half of the run. But who cares ^^ we won!!!!!!

Killing the Baron allowed me to finish a couple of quests, get a nice ring and the super cutie Argent crusader. With its +30 intellect i guess this is a very good staff... maybe i could enchant it to get +55 healing spell and it would be more than perfect in the meanwhile i'll do what i can to get the Benediction :)

...the only thing i cannot understand is why a little night elf priest as me has to go in nasty places as this and cut the head of this and that. I am scary by the blood too... :'(


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