Monday, December 04, 2006

The Tier 5 super special parade extravaganza

Here you can take a look on the new tier 5 that will be introduced with the next expansion.

Some of 'em are nice... some... so and so.

Before watching the movie i simply hate the tier 5 design for the priest class. Now I think it's a little bit better than i thought but still i can't understand they've decided to put that ugly hat (without talking about the wooden wings... :/ ).


Anonymous Sapphira said...

Lam^^ have u seen the hunter tier??? its wanderful! with all those electrified charges that come from the spaulders...beautiful, just...beautiful /cry...also the priest tier and above all, the SHAMAN tier are really beutiful.../clap to the whole blizzard, they did a really good work...even if they ritarded A LOT putting our poor realm online...i wanna pvp with my hunter buhuhuuu:(

Blogger Lamthara said...

When i have seen the new hunter set for the first time I've thought "latex and gore-tex ftw!!" :) Seriously it remembers me so much an old manga called Guyver. Not bad but it's going to be strange... now the people with these dresses seem more robots or cyborgs than fantasy characters ^^

Anyway the tier i like the most is the warlock one. It says "i'm a warlock! you die!". The others don't make me feel anything special ^^.

The priest... :'(


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