Tuesday, December 05, 2006

(void)walker azeroth ranger

Lamjang is growing well, she became a good lvl 10 warlock yesterday and for this occasion she's gone to make a trip in Stormwind.
There she's gone to a little bar called "warlock bar" where she's met all the warlock enclave of the human city and got a quest for to proove that she's good to summon demons, banish them, cook spaghetti, sweep the floor.... all the normal things that a warlock should be able to do :)

In the catacombs below this bar (and i would like to know why a bar has been build over a catacombs.... haven't they ever seen that movie "Pet cemetery"???) she has used her powers to summon the voidwalker... her second demon-pet but something has gone wrong :/

She told me, in fact, once the voidwalker came to this world from the hell he said something strange in the demonic language and then..... he attacked her!!!!
And she died :'(

Being a warlock is really hard... poor her :)


Blogger IceAge said...

Suffering is the real meaning of the word "warlock"... doncha know?
and then .. let me tell ya something..
first the bar is not called "warlock bar" but "slaughtered lamb".. more impressive really! :-)
Second it's better if you understand that warlock means suffering and start to read what quest givers tell to ya... if not, the suffering will be more than you can manage it :-)
Only by the way of suffering you could be not a warlock but THE warlock.
And last... i can help for 1g... LOL


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