Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Nova Prospekt

This won't be remembered as my mightiest post ever but who cares... it's a thing that has astonished me so i think it'd be nice to put it down and keep it for the future :)

That gnomes are small it's a known fact but you never understand it all till you won't get close to someone who is similar to a friend of yours... so you can get a clear idea how you are compared to them. In this case I've met this priest which has:
- blue hair as Lamthara
- a mooncloth robe as Lamthara
- devout gloves, belt, bracers as Lamthara
- the staff of Zul Farrak as Lamthara
in the end she's 80% similar to Lamthara.

And I've felt as a bug :'(. So small (even the mail box is bigger than me)... with black pigtails, with a dress that only beggars would dress.... a wooden staff that remembers the walking cane of a witch.... booooooooooooooooooooooooooh.... poor meeeeeeeeeee :'(


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