Monday, December 11, 2006

Auberdine, mon amour

After the patch has been applied I decided to go to visit the new island where the draenei characters should start. Since it is close to the darkshore... I took the first gryphon for Auberdine and in the photo you can see me waiting for the new boat.

And here it is! Nice, eh ^^? A kind of japanese old boat was coming...

here you see me on it. All the doors were closed, anyway :/

Here i was looking forward to see the new land... wooooohhh new lands, a new big city... i was shaking because of the tension.... O__o and....

...the boat disappeared and i found myself in the graveyard of Auberdine with a message that told me that i had to wait the Burning Crusade expansion to be able to visit the new continents.

What kind of photographer can i be if Blizzard doesn't allow me to take some new shoots :'(


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