Friday, February 02, 2007


She just dance as I do. Or maybe even better... :)


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

lol! I heard this is where Blizzard got the Inspiration to make the night elves dance so.....hawt? :D

Oh yeah about the CSS code thingy, I dont use photo shop (surprised? heh) dont know if it works on macs. I tried downloading Gimp but it dosnt work either. I guess without any of those a new template would be impossible right?

unless you know how to teach how to teach aboutCSS :)

Anonymous Gitr said...

0_o *-*


Do they teach that in school over there? She's like 16.

Nice NE movements, though. Quite impressive. I wonder if she rolled a NE to learn that song.

Blogger Lamthara said...

Well... honestly here in Italy in school there is always the dance lesson. 2 hours per week, so I think it's the same in France...

...Kidding ^^. Anyway she's Alizee a singer pretty famous some years ago in France (now I have no idea if she's still singing or not) and Blizzard too the idea for the NE dance from her. Actually the NE females are the sexier all over the game so it's right they did this choice :P

...for Excaliber. uhm... Gimp doesn't work for probably it expect you to install the X11 but don't make it... X11 is an annoying stuff useful for 10.000 in linux but pretty useless for you if you have a mac. I can try to teach you how CSS works but it'll be long ^^ because it's like you have to learn a new language. It's easy but it's easy to make mistakes as well in the beginning so...

I'll see what i can do :)
In the meanwhile find a good photo you would like to have as a header of the site -__^


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