Thursday, February 01, 2007

Unleash the fury....

...of the mighty infernal chicken of the Death.

This post is non-sense as the quest my friend warlock has done.
He had this quest for the "summon infernal" spell and asked me to help him so we have gone to the Dark Portal and Felwood to take some reagents, after we have found the rest of a Infernal (an elite of lvl 55), killed him again and then gave everything to a special couple: Niby the warlock and Impsy the imp ^^.

Niby instead of summon an infernal has summoned a super big chicken that started to crit my warlock friend.... oh boy ^^ that was fun.

Now he can summon an infernal the only problem is that the big green guy is good and quiet for only 5 minutes after it understands that my friend isn't so nice and so it starts to kill him instead of the mobs :P


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