Monday, February 19, 2007

Shadow of the colossus

Yesterday i was putting the word "End" to the last quests i had in Terokkar forest and so with a friend of mine we have decided to face two group quests... one was about killing an undead dragon... and the other was about killing a giant earthworm.

It was funny to see that even if the quest told that we had to be at least 3 we have been able to face them just in two. A shadowpriest... a fury warrior... a maybe a bit of luck on our side ^^.

The tactic was pretty easy. I put the dots on the bosses (SW:Pain, Vampiric Embrace, Vampiric Touch) and healed my "pocket tank" Ajantis (a guildmate i'm questing with till i got in Outland) till he got enough aggro to allow me to nuke the mob without the worry to get its attention. Not that i'm that much.... but with dots, mindflay and the new shadowfiend we were able to see the health of them go constantly down.

It's nice to make the quest so easily ^^


Blogger Happypappy said...

Like your website, been reading it all the time, keep the posts up.

What sort of damage are you doing in shadow form, like with your mind blast and stuff, and how much + dmg equipment do you have?

Also what server do you play on?

Blogger Lamthara said...

This is my build --> my build :)

I think I'll keep it till I'll be able to farm the money (and quest) fast enough to arrive to 1000g... so I'll be able to get the gryphon and enough reputation for the end instances.

Then I'll switch to holy again. Shadow is nice but I like to heal :P... and probably i'll try something as this --> new build

Anyway.. to answer to your questions :)
More or less my SW:Pain tick is around 300, VT is around 220/250 per tick... and my mindflay tick is uhm... more or less 250/260 per tick. My mindblast should be around 1200... but i can easily crit around 1500... and 1200 for SW:Death.

I guess i could be easily able to make more than this just starting to collect damage gears... but since i'm planning to be holy all the time in the future i'm skipping them. Actually my gear gives me only +200 damage points...

And I play on the Burning Blade european server ^^

Wow... i wrote a lot... :/

Blogger Happypappy said...

Ok awseom, have always wanted to level a toon as a shadow preist for pvp....I reckon they would be pretty insane with +500 odd damage....


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