Monday, February 26, 2007

I've lost my ears >__<'' !

There a lot of nice quests and instances in Outland but sometimes it is nice to go in the old places... the green trees of Ashenvale, the sand of Silithus... the.. the... of Desolace ^^
I've been whispered by a mage that asked me to help them in this instance... I said why not and so after a fast summoning i've met the shiny land of Tanaris again :)

This place is strange because you get inside a cavern but once you pass through the instance gate you find yourself in a wicked version of Hillsbrad Foothills... and if you are not human you become human as well :/
I find myself transformed in a blonde girl with a stupid face and two huge boobs... poor Lamthara -___-''

In this land there is a big fortress, the humans are all enemies (pretty hard to kill too...) and there is a kind of detention camp for orcs.
To create a diversion you have to destroy the barracks and kill the guards and the boss of 'em... a hug soldier who has the use to fear all the tanks and try to kill the priest when everyone else is running away from him.

Once you have destroyed the camp you get some quests concerning the liberation of Thrall but here i cannot tell you too much...

In fact once we got inside the keep the tank has been disconnected by the server and the mage went offline as well.
So i don't know how this odd instance finish but I have to say it is very particular and for sure i'll try to make it again :)


Anonymous Replica said...

I personally loved CoT: Hillsbrad myself. Great instance with good lore and challenges. (:
I'm going to attempt Black Morass tomorrow too, for my Kara attunement. Heard it's a bit more stressing for the poor healers. Ah well, I'll live.


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