Monday, February 12, 2007

Things happened in a couple of days...

It's a long time i don't update this little diary and so i've collected a few strange facts I'd like to remember in the future.
For instance I've chosen to be friendly with the Aldors... just because i'm a tailor and i'll be an holy priest pretty soon. So I've taken the lift, i've talked with some people and i've seen that one of them will be able to give me the Avatar set. Now :/ are you telling me that my ears are so pointy that will make two holes in the hat? :'( are you telling me my ears are too long... :'(
Thanks to you all... you made me cry... :'(

Moreover I've found this strange thing... I was flying from Darnassus to Auberdine and i've logged off. Once i logged in again a strange "fatigue" bar appeared so that i think that i was so lucky auberdine is just a couple of seconds away from Darnassus.... otherwise i could die on the gryphon. O____o'''

But there is funny thing. In the lower city of Shattrath I've found this guy: Adam Eternum.
Uhm... Do you remember where you've seen him already ^^? I've not talked with him but i'm sure he has the power of the gray skull... whatever it is...

And one last thing... i'm growing a little draenei mage. In their island there is a strange quest where you'll learn the furbolg language... and in the end you'll be transformed in a ghost panther and everything around you will be shifted in a dreamland... the colours will fade away... everything will be blurred...

A friend of mine who is a mage told me that there is an effect as this when you cast the invisibility spell. That was strange anyway... I think this is closer to the feeling i should feel once dead more than the normal death effect.

If you want to try that just roll a mage (i don't know if it works with every char...) and just lvl him or her till lvl 6 when you'll be able to take this strange strange strange quest :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha. The set looks awesome on my female human priest though. Would be a bit awkward making two holes just to fit my ears. oO

Blogger Happypappy said...

I reckon the set would look better on a Tauren !

Can you imagine a fat preist casting heals all over the place with angel wings hahahahah!

Blogger Lamthara said...

Well... gotta say that I like the Tier 4 set more. Somehow i find that the Tier 5 is "too much" uhm... childish.
Maybe they wanted to create something that could remember the Tier 3 but more epic. Instead they've done a set that will make me feel sad to dress.

And i'm talking about the big lock in front of the dress and the wooden wings... :/


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