Friday, February 23, 2007

...Diamonds are my best friends ^^

I've left Tarokkar forest some days ago and I've rent a bed at the inn of Telaar and so now I'm ready to make some quests in Nagrand.
I like this place, with its open fields, with the green grass that surrounds everything, the quiet villages (well not so quiet... but it's ok ^^) and the paths that seem to lead me in a place then almost in the end they turn and you'll find yourself on the other side of the planet with a giant canyon that keeps you far away from the place you wanted to be.

But Nagrand is also famous for its giant diamonds. They are huge... more than i could think or i could understand from the photos taken by the other people i know *___*!!!

I think this will be a place of a giant battle between me, the voidwalkers... and some strange entities that have no name yet (or better they have but i'm too lazy to check again in wowwiki :P)

I cross my fingers I'll become 70 soon so I'll be able to make some nice shots from the top of the diamonds using the gryphon to arrive there :)


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