Monday, February 26, 2007

When gryphons are demodé

I've got the occasion to try to use a couple new flying animals recently ^^.
If you want to try the first one you don't have to do anything but to go to the Cavern of Time in Tanaris. I have to admit i've not understood too much the story about this instance (yes... there is a npc that talks talks talks... but I put myself in follow and i've gone to prepare me a orange juice so... :P) but the idea i can use dragons to go faster in the place there is the action is very nice ^^.

Strangely the path these dragons follow is the same of the gryphons' but you feel you're an hero when you ride them.
Instead when i'm on the gryphon i feel i have taken a taxi cab... and neither a good one but a cab built in the 1960, with broken seats and a drunk driver :/

The second one is a "cameo" given by Blizzard in the beginning of some quests given by a strange guy called Altruis (who isn't "altruist" since he makes anything in his power to give me things to do that could kill me).

By the way in the beginning of the quests Altruis allows you to ride his Nether Drake and... woooooooah... this mount is very very very fast and if you feel like a hero when you ride the dragons... riding the Nether Drake you really feel "You are prepared" (if you know what i mean :P).

I don't know if they have decided to give you the occasion to ride the Nether Drake only for to make you wish to have one... but it worked with me.
Only that I'm not good in pvp :'(


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