Monday, April 23, 2007

climbing the ladder ^^

Since i've started to play the instances I've always healed the people... as a priest i mend, i heal, i cure, i dispell.... i shield...... -___-''
And I couldn't understand the reason some people wanted to know who was the first one in the damage meter. After all "who cares" I thought... but recently....

Some people went to Mechanar and they were looking for a dps class, I've answered to the call and told them i was a shadow priest. And they said "sweet!!!" and so my dream started ^^
It was the first time for me there, and I have to say that i really really liked it. Mechanar is a kind of "Gnomeregan" with robots and demons and a lot of blood elves with a killer instinct.

Me and the rogue played who was the one to make more damage, melee vs caster. And i have to say that i didn't act that bad ^^ but maybe the reason I was on the top was also because i could cast dots on a lot of mobs (sw:p) and I frequently use the combination of Mindblast+sw:Death for the killing blow. Anyway now i understand all you dps classes, i understand why you are so devoted to the damagemeter verb ^^, why you like to climb the ladder of it.
It's like a game in a game... you don't win anything in the end but you feel your mates feel you useful ^^. The healer is the most useful class in the party but usually he doesn't get that much attention. No one cheers the healer if he is the n.1 in the healing ladder, it considered obvious...

Anyway i won this beautiful robe ^^ and in the evening i have tried to double my success...

...alas i had a warlock as a competitor. Geee... he destroyed me XD


Blogger Isthla said...


I'm Isthla, and I was just browsing around some blogs and found yours. You've got a nice blog going on here.

Just wanted to leave a little comment. =)

Isthla, 66 Night Elf Druid, Blackwing Lair

Blogger Hexapuma said...

Yes looking at the damage meter is really fun as dps.. you always try to get better BUT at the same time not steal the aggro. Being on top without aggrostealing is an artform =)


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