Monday, April 02, 2007

Holy... or not?

This weekend has been loooong and i had a lot of time to finish some quests in Ouland. Some of them have given me nice reputation, some of them a lot of money... some of them a great fun ^^. I've become a blood elf, an orc, a skeleton and i've faded from the enemies when the situation have become too crowded... and i've decided it was time to start some instances... and find myself in the old situation of a stopped run because someone had to go ^^.

I've started in mana tombs where i had two quests to finish and the run has been smooth as silk almost till the end of the second boss... then alas the warlock had to left the pc to his brother and the hunter had to go to work. So we have given up and i have done a little bit of business with the warrior who sold me the Essence Focuser.

I know my staff is better but i wanted a nice mace to use while i wait to farm enough mats for the Hand of Eternity... so even if it doesn't worth i've taken it as well :P

Then with some guildmates I've gone to Shattered Halls and i have also respecced holy for this special occasion...

I sadly admit we've not been able to go too much far :/ We easily killed the first groups, 4 mobs in a row, 5 mobs in a row... 6 mobs now... then we arrived in a room where we had to pull 7 mobs and we wiped and wiped and wiped. The tank wasn't able to keep the aggro of all of them and everyone tried to kill a different mob instead of concentrate the fire. So I have no idea what's behind the corner, alas :/

...and it's a shame since i'm so curious....

So this morning I have woken up and i've found myself holy. Uhm... and i'm struggling inside myself... should i respec again or try to be holy a little bit more.

I think i'll go to kill some mobs a bit and then i'll see... there are some mats i want to get since i have to make my own primal mooncloth robe but i would like to be fast.

Instances are waiting for this new holy priest... ^^


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