Tuesday, April 03, 2007


This morning i went to kill some mobs and i've seen that:

1 - my smite crits around 1000 points of damage
2 - after i have killed a mob... nothing happens :'(
3 - after three mobs i have to drink

Well... I thought i could last at least a week but instead after a couple of mobs I've gone to Sharrath city, taken the portal to Ironforge and I've spent 25g to respec and take my wonderful shadowform, my sweet mindflay and my huggable vampiric embrace.

Sorry guys... but if I'm shadow I can heal you pretty well in almost all the instances but the end-game ones (Karazhan, maybe?). In holy instead I can't do almost anything but to wait the others to call me to go into an instance.

And I'm not masochistic :P


Blogger WRATHofGOD said...

lol...we knew you'd be back.

I'll always remember the pain of Hellfire peninsula, drinking hundreds of drinks, taking forever to kill mobs, needing to group all the time, etc.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a holy priest, and questing for quite a while in shadowmoon. Didn't drink once so far. Just wand.. and wand... and wand... and... well, you get the idea. It doesn't go as fast as shadow though, but it is certaintly doable! It's quite stupid that in instances you can't do anything but heal, but that's about the only downside of holy. And oh yeah, PvP... *giggle* I just gave it up :P

Blogger Yet Another NE said...

One of my big problems with being holy was the fact, once I stepped outside of an instance, I felt extremely weak.

More times than not, I found there were things in the game I wanted to be able to do without asking for help.

I could kill things holy, but it was no fun at all. No one understands what it is like until they actually try to do it.

I decided I'd rather be shadow and run the chance of never getting invited to an instance (I've done enough instances for a lifetime of gaming anyway) than be holy and not want to log in at all.

Blogger Yet Another NE said...

No one knows how un-fun it is to try to do anything (but heal) as holy, until they do it themselves.

I decided I'd rather take the chance speccing shadow and never being invited to an instance again than spec holy and not being able to do anything but stay inside instances.

Blogger Lamthara said...

I'm honest with myself, there will come a time I'll be holy but not now at all.
Before become holy i need to:
- become exalted with Aldor... so i need to kill stuff fast. Shadow is the way
- be a good tailor and get my primal mooncloth robe. For this I need to kill an army of elementals and people who drop netherweave cloth. Shadow is the way
- be a good enchanter... for this i need to kill armies of mobs, get greenies, unenchant them and get arcane dust. Ehm... yes :) Shadow is the way

Anyway so far I've seen that being shadow gives me too much fun... fun that i don't feel playing when i'm holy.
I guess blizzard should rethink about the talent-trees of some classes... some of them are perfect for instances but outside they are a pain if you want to play (holy priests, protection warrior, ecc...). I have a rogue too, i can be assassin, combat or anything and i assure you that it's always nice, i get new "spell", can approach with mobs in a new way but... it's not stressful or slow or boring ^^. Same for the warlock i guess, or shaman...
why not for priests :'( ?

...For the Anonymous :) I know that in holy you can kill stuff and so on. But you said it too. Wand wand wand till the mob is dead or you'll too old to use the mouse... I know it's doable... but is it fun :) ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wandspam is no fun, I know, but it's doable... ;) I rarely grind anyway, because I'm just too lazy to do it, and I've got a deal with a friend. I heal him in instances, he grinds for me. It works great!

Another downside of holy (wich makes me as a healfan a;most specc shadow) is that paladins still heal as good as priests when specced holy. I mean, you're a priest, a paladin is a hybrid, we should be superior right? :) Priests never specc holy, they specc holy/discipline. Paladins specc holy, with some talent points left for fun stuff. That's just unfair.

Blogger Lamthara said...

Just my opinion but when it happens that an hybrid class outheals a class that should be the "master of healing" there's something wrong :)

Blogger Bestar said...

Makes me think about how everyone wants to me to go full protection as a Warrior while Ican perfectly tank 5 mans as a Arms/Prot spec.


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