Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter in Undercity!

It was Easter afternoon, after I've broken the chocolate egg and taken the present (woooo a primal mooncloth!!! :) I've gone to make a trip to Undercity with Laurora, the druid.
We were only two, we were lvl 70 and we were very interested to see how Undercity was...

At first we thought to replicate the experience of the flower vendor... but noone came :/ maybe the undeads don't like flowers... i don't know...

So after a minute we got annoyed to wait and we decided to make something else. We decided to make a photo with lady Sylvanas. We didn't want to kill her (after all she's pretty strong and we were only two). I just wanted to take a pic of her...

So we started to walk, kill some guards (lvl 65 elite... nothing that hard ^^) and use shadowmelt to drink sometimes.

Undercity is like an uhm.... underground Venice imagined by Tim Burton... green canals, skulls everywhere and the cutie non-sense of the guardians who tried to kill us ^^

After a minute we arrived to corridor that leads to Lady Sylvanas' room and I didn't understand the reason the normal guards are lvl 65 while instead the "elites of the inner circle of royal guardians of Undercity"... are only lvl 60 :P

We killed one, we went on the next part of the corridor, we rested a bit... we drank again.... and so on till we finally arrived ^^

And here Sylvanas in all her beauty ^^




I want to thank undercity for its beautiful enviroment, its canals, the vendors and the guardians. thanks so much ^^
I want to thank the undead mage (lvl 70) and the orc warrior (lvl 68) who tried to stopped us to take the photo. I thank the floor of the corridor that stopped them when they fell down after we killed them ^^... and i thank them so much since they tried it three times before understand it was useless :P

And thanks so much Laurora! That was very very very fun :) time Orgrimaar :PPP ?


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

haha nice, i will never ever try to attempt to take a picture of any of the horde leaders =PP gl on ogrimarr :P

Blogger Lamthara said...

I assure you it is fun... and not hard at all.

Maybe we have chosen the right day (Easter) when everyone was busy with eggs, rabbits and families but in any case our little trip has been smooth as silk. Even the guards weren't a problem (2 or 3 seconds fights... no more).

The druid was able to vanish as a rogue and i used shadowmelt almost everytime after i killed something/someone. Moreover Undercity is pretty similar to Ironforge, There is a hub full of people but the canals are almost empty, only lonely vendors... I think they barely understood what it happened ^^.

Let's hope for Orgrimaar ^^


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