Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flower vendor?

A friend of mine, feral druid, Laurora :) has sent me this photo about his personal little second job in another server as a shadow priest.
As you know once a priest stops to be an holy angel it is hard to find the spot in a party and so my poor friend has found another job... flower vendor in Stormwind.
Ok... it's not the best job you can find, flowers are not so much requested but at least it allows him to get a few coins to spend for the food.

Mmmm... maybe the only problems is that if a draenei wants to buy a flower has to click on him... when the draenei click on him attacks him... and you know how it usually finish :P

La revedere Laurora :) maybe I'll try to do the same in Undercity ^^


Blogger Hexapuma said...

A long time ago me and my wife created a toon and called him innkeeper... it was way back during the first days of the launch. Never tried to bait the horde but just keep him around for laughs... we had a few fun moments with it.


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