Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three things,,,

I want Blizzard to create an hairdresser NPC... I want to change the color of my hair, i want to change the cut, i want to be able to be "different" sometimes, i want to wear some new earrings with my alts. Please please please please... I am annoyed i get in Ironforge and i found a clone of me :/ This is World of Warcraft, not Star Wars (and the destiny is sometimes funny considering that in Star Wars Galaxies there was a profession to change your look...)

Anyway... changing the speech... I've been able to drop a nice collar for the dress i'm wearing right now. Just like the devout set my hair seems to be ethereal because they pass through the cloth but i don't care too much...

...for even if i'm shadow till the root of my heart I seem the holiest thing born in Azeroth ^^. I'm counting the days i'll be able to craft my own primal mooncloth robe (uhm... 19 days ^^).

And in the end let's talk about Lamsoth, the rogue, my lvl 35 alt. The more i play this toon... the more i like it. Being a rogue allows me to get such fun in world-pvp, i follow the simple philosopy told once by a Tauren Shaman: "If you're red.. you're dead". So everything moves around me is a target where i can practice with my blades and daggers.
Recently I'm questing in Desolace, i don't like that place too much but there are a lot of quests with some good reward and above all it's the starting point for the Scarlet Monastery quests.

Lucky me some of my guild mates are so gentle to take me there but differently from a priest i have a lot of roles to fill. I'm the one who sap, the one who silently kills the adds or the boss... the one who silence the casters or blind them...
I don't feel myself useful as the healer or the tank because if I die the party can win as well but i am so happy i can make the fights easier than ever with all the tricks the rogue class has ^^.

And i don't need to say that i'm so happy that, if the things go bad, i can use vanish :P


Blogger Bloody The Lock said...

me too me too.. I want to change how my toon looks like! When I rolled my human warlock i choose the look i thought it was more peculiar.. but once in game i saw that every toon seems similar to others! Only way to be different i found it when i rolled my human pala: dark brown skin with blonde hair! I think all the visible difference between toons is the race or the equip... but within same race and same class... no way, all toons look like the others. I remember when in UO i could change my hair style, my facial hair and also the color!
And let me tell one more thing to blizz developers: i wonna roll fat or thin character! why mages or priest seem like John Xena?!?! Warrior has to be bigger than mage.. and stuff like this ^^ pls blizz pls!

Blogger Keystone said...

/agree with bloody

Ultima Online is 10+ years old now, and it had a way to change your characters appearance.

Even the bug riddled Vanguard lets you change your character anytime you want at the character select screen.

I'm guessing Blizzard is saving this for a 'feature' in their next expansion or big patch update.


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