Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another me

Yesterday I got this surprise. A guildmate has decided to roll a priest and he has chosen to make it:
- female
- night elf
- with light blue hair

So now I have a twin in the nice land of Terdrassil... I'm so proud of you Brethil. Grow well and you can count on me for everything you'll need.
Just don't follow the shadow path as i did eheheheheh ^,,^

Changing a bit the topic now that i'm lvl 70 i'm wasting a lot of time farming reputation with this and that. I want to access in the high lvl instance but i also want to get all the recipes i can for enchanting and above all my favourite crafting profession: tailoring. In the meanwhile i'm leveling up a little rogue, Lamsoth, and I have to say that i'm just loving it.
A rogue is a pure melee class and probably it's just on the other side of the planet compared to an healer... you can't cast,you can't heal yourself, your objective is make the largest amount of damage you can not caring about anyone or anything... and it gave me the occasion to understand how instances work from the side of a normal player.

As an healer usually i don't really "play" the instance but my duty / job... call it as you like, is to monitor everyone health and keep him alive till the boss or the group is dead. Sometimes you're so concentrated that you don't even see the fights or the mobs... you only see bars going up and down (up because of you.. down because of mobs :P). As an healer you have to be pretty cold blooded because you don't have to keep everyone alive when things go wrong but you have to decide who'll be the one you'll make die by an horrible death. It's very funny and you feel as you are the hub around all the instance and your group moves. A mistake from you and everything goes wrong... and mistake from the hunters / tank / dpsers.... and you have to push your abilities to fix it (fade, shield, Prayer of mending, ecc...).

With a rogue is just different. Yes i'm still low level (just lvl 27) but doing the instances i've done so far (Deadmines, Blackfathon depths and Stockades) I've understood there is tactic even in the fight it's not jsut a "zerg the pull!!! and cross the fingers >__<" Rogue support the tank to take one mob down after the other, can sap or stun someone that is annoying the priest if his fade doesn't work, can do a huge amount of damage but is fragile as sugar glass. And above all... as a rogue you see the fight, you see which mob you have to take down before, which enemy you should sap or gouge... you should run to help the priest... you have to pay attention to move around the group of mobs because you could pull the other group close to the fight.

In a couple of words... I'm getting a lot of fun and i'm looking forward to have even this char at lvl 70 ^^

wooooah.. wall of text crits you for 94.000
you die! :)


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