Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I got a brand new shoulders ^^

Ohhhh and finally I've saved enough primal moonclothes to be able to craft my own primal mooncloth shoulders. And so now I am just a one piece away from the complete primal mooncloth set... the cutting edge gear for an holy priest.

Actually i'm not holy, not yet, but nevermind ^^.

Changing the speech the guild i'm in is passing by a kind of crysis, a lot of people is yelling we don't make too many things together so we've decided to create two things:
1 - a mission called "adopt a noob". An high lvl toon (60 up) has to "adopt" a low lvl toon of another guildmate (below lvl 50) and help him once per week for questing, doing instances, give suggestions about how to use it, and so on ^^. I hope this will help my guildmates to be closer and help each other more than they've done so far
2 - a new role called "master of agenda" (or something as this... i'm not able to translate it well from the italian language. The duty of these guys is to set a guild event once per week. In this way i hope that meeting each other will push the firestarter button for making other things together beyond these events.

Do you think these are good ideas... ^^?


Blogger WRATHofGOD said...

Stay shadow :)

Love the adopt a n00b program, hope it works out!

I've read your blog for a few months, and have linked it on my blog - http://northwatchhold.blogspot.com/
Is that ok?


Blogger Lamthara said...

So I hope too ^^ after all the only ways to convince people to do things are:
- pay them
- push them

Talking just doesn't work, alas...

I hope that in this way the low lvls will grow up a little faster and then they'll be ready to be a tutor for the others when the time will come ^^.

For the link well ^^ I'm happy indeed. I'll read your blog as well now (i didn't know they address of it ^^) and put the link here.


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