Monday, March 12, 2007

Once you got the bicycle... can't stop from riding it ^^
And the same rule can be applied even to the gryphons. Since i got this big chicken i can't stop myself and i use it almost everytime: to go back to the questgivers, to go into places even if it is faster to use the tiger or just to make a uhm.. flight around and see the areas from the point of view of the birds ^^.

Anyway i've discovered how important is to have a gryphon (or a flying mount anyway) in Outland because you can get some quests, or solve them, only if you're able to fly. For instance once you'll be asked to talk to a dragon in Shadowmoon Valley... and they only way you can go close to him is riding the gryphon, indeed ^^

Moreover, even if you can go almost everywhere with your tiger / horse / ram / strangebirdmachinethatmakespollution you discover that flying is just funnier. Because you don't have to follow the road, you don't have to worry about the mobs, you can fly over an horde city and finally see how they look inside....

...and because what you see on the back of your white bird is simply amazing. I think that when they've created these places they have thought they had to appear more and more beautiful on the back of the flying mount.


Anonymous Momentum said...

Not to spoil ur fun.

but i wont recomend flying over or above a horde city.
as they now have guards in the air as well. btw we have the same go to any Alliance city in outland and u`ll discover there are gaurds.

with other words they will dismount u or let u die in mid air as a result u will have to ress at the spirit healer because u cant get back to ur corps.

as an lvl70 night elf druid i would say watch it as i have some experiance in it :P

Blogger Lamthara said...

I'll pay attention, promised :)

Actually all the times I've flied over an horde city nothing happened but maybe it was because i was very high in the sky and i didn't aggro any guardians...

Anyway when i fly i keep my mouse on the "levitate" spell.. in any case someone will dismount me :/


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