Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shadow of the colossus... reloaded :)

In Outland you'll get used to the idea you'll have to fight colossus, big huge enormous giant humanoid demonic mobs ^^. There are more than one in every region and they are always an objective of a quest ^^.

Yesterday, for instance I have been able to finish a looooooooong boring quest-chain in Blade's Edge Mountains. The normal quests were absolutely annoying and they were only about killing stuff here and there but the last one was absolutely lovely and it was about killing Goc son of Gruul a Giant.

Called Lauras the paladin and Rinhio the warrior we have gone to Gruul's lair village, we summoned a npc to help us and we started to fight without thinking anything else... and we made Goc eats the dust at the first try.

Wonderful experience that i'm sure i'll make again soon when Lauras will take this quest as well and... in other places because now that i check the quest log i still have a couple of "group quests" in Shadowmoon Valley... ohohoh :)


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