Monday, March 26, 2007

"first time" again...

During this week I've passed a loooooot of time with my guildmates, i've taken them to Uldaman, i've taken them to Scholomance and i've been able to take a friend of mine in outland, for the first time.

And see the new land through the eyes of someone who sees it for the first time is a nice experience. I've taken him around some places paying attention to protect him from the horde and the mobs... I've shown him how it works in Honor Hold... then I've taken him to Zangarmarsh and its astounding mushroom-city of Telaar... and in the end we've taken the path for Sharrath city. So i've shown him how he'll be able to go back to Azeroth through the portal of the Sanctuary ^^.

Every two or three sentences he said "Wow! Cool!" and i could feel how much excited he was so I really think that i'll be the official guide for all the new lvl 58 of my guild who'll pass through the portal of Blasted Lands ^^

Make the right thing... after all isn't this the duty of a good priest :PP


Blogger Bloody The Lock said...

"yeah! Cool!"
i have to admit, it was me ^^
First time in outland and i say God! That's truly amazing!
Except for those damn horde guys.. they dont stop ganking me again and again and again!
First i was killed by an hunter, then by a rogue and a mage and finally a big stuff like a mechanical giant walked over me.. litterally!
This is living!


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