Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A refreshing alternative toon ^^

As I said a week ago I'm levelling up this little rogue, Lamsoth, and I'm getting so much fun using it.
The reason i'm concentrating on this new toon is because i've reached lvl 70 and i've been covered by tons of things to do but my guild is small and even if i'd make all the reputations and all the attunements in a rush i should wait for the others as well.
So since to become exalted to a faction could be boring (it's only about farming after all...) I play as a nice priest one day... i collect a lot of thing, as much as i can (fel armaments, mark of sargeras, netherweave cloth, ecc....) and the other day i use my rogue that feel no regret if he cannot heal anyone and when everyone is die the only thing he do is vanish and run away in the shadows :PPP

Here you can see him getting inside Stranglethorn Vale, I dinged 29 yesterday and i'm close to 30 so i think that pretty soon i'll be able to to play with some mates and go to Gnomeregan for the ten thousandth time :PPP



Blogger Hexapuma said...

ah the beauty of the rogue, no one to buff or heal and with safty in stealth just a vanish away, welcome to the dark side =)

Blogger Lamthara said...

thanks... ^^

I've always loved to play stealth games (Metal Gear Solid.... Thief... Splinter Cell, etc....) But the rogue in WoW in a whole different level, the idea of the poison, the fact you are invisible for people below your level, the "rushing effect" of slice and dice...

I'm looking forward to try some of the last tier talents and maybe change a bit my built (which is combat right now... but i'd like to try assassination or subletly just to see how it is to be an hemo-rogue... or how fun is shadowstep.. or the mutilate combat style).

In a word... with a rogue Wow is another game to me ^^


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