Monday, October 30, 2006

Scarlet Monastery Reloaded

Stratholme, a city full of undeads, ghosts and ghouls in the middle of a nowhere called Eastern Plaguelands. Arrive to the gate of the city is hard, go back is harder. Survive... well let's talk about anything else :)

Friday i've received an invitation to help some people who had an appointment with the Scarlet Crusaders there. I accepted but during my flight on the gryphon and riding the tiger i kept on asking to myself what happened since i thought that the Scarlet scums lived only in the Scarlet Monastery.

Well... i was wrong :P

This is city is condamned, it's burning within because of its own sins, there are undeads everywhere and it is like we walked in a sicked version of Stormwind but it wasn't enough :/
Here there is the main base of the Scarlet Crusade.

Passed through a big gate controlled by a couple of guards you are able to see a shining marble castle and when you get inside and see the symbol on their flag... you could have what the french men call "déjà-vu" :P

What i have thought walking on those floor, seeing those corridors, killing those guards isn't different from what i've felt in the Scarlet Monastery. I felt as i were a little 40 level priest again... shivering from every scream behind the corner.

brrrrr.... this place is too much scary for me and thinking i have to go there again and again to get some pieces of my devout vestments... :/



Anonymous Hogit said...

Did you get to the end boss?

Blogger Excaliber1 said...

Awesome blog you have here..Just wondering, how did you get the template (like the heading saying World of warcraft etc) looks awesome..keep it up =]

Blogger Lamthara said...

nope Hogit. We arrived till the Archivist and we have stopped because some people had to leave and it was too late to find the substitutes.
I don't care :) it'll be for the next time.

...for Excaliber :)
I've created the template you see here some months ago taking a deep inspiration from the blog called "Tales of a WoW Addict" ( Only that i had to rewrite it from the bottom because that is a wordpress blog... and here instead i have a free blogger blog :P

Blogger Excaliber1 said...

ahhh! i see! interesting :)


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