Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A couple of nice places :)

Finally i've reached a good level of tailoring and this allow me to make mooncloth and bolts of runecloth eheheheh.... I'm looking forward to get my truefaith dress :)
But naturally... I have to get the runecloth before and so i've gone to the Eastern Plaguelands to take them from the undeads and i've discovered the tomb of Uther Lightbringer.

A place of serenity in the middle of the storm...

Going to the north then i've discovered a place with no nome where you'd be able to find the plague of the Scarlet Monastery. Here the Scarlet knights and mages make some cutie things like hang people on trees and cut the head of everyone who doesn't wear their ugly tabard.

I've tried to play a bit with them but seems to me they are too fragile... now i'm thinking to go there tonight and see if there is a castle, another monastery or stuff like that :P



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