Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just Married :)

Monday. 10 p.m. Stormwind.
It has been an important day because Iceagesnow and Lilithin have, finally, married together... and i've been the one who made it :P

Celebrating a wedding isn't an easy task... and neither to prepare it is easy. You have to whisper everyone, remember them the appointment everytime you are online, you have to prepare the dresses, buy the fireworks, offer the beer... and so on :P

But the harder part is when you have to prepare the words you'll use in that occasion. And the words need to be beautiful, high and make the people feel that they are living a very special moment

For the occasion i also had to go to Scarlet Monastery to take a nice dress from the boss of the library. I think it fits me better than him ^^

By the way... The wedding has been very nice, all the online guild mates partecipated and came to the Cathedral of the Light. I was excited before and very happy after... as the couple was happy to be married, to be a couple... and when bride and groom became wife and husband they were able to walk 7 feet over the floor because of their happiness eheheheh ^___^

Iceagesnow, Lilithin may you be happy and have a life full of joy... in the world of warcraft... and in the RL above all :)



Blogger IceAge said...

Hi guys,
i'm the man who marries the bride... oh shit! i dunno the english word for this.... :(
ok ok go on.. I'm very happy this could happen at least in wow life... now i'm waiting for the same thing in RL. I have to say i appreciated the words told by lam. They were very inspired and i hope i can carry on with my marriage (both in rl or wow) with the enlightment that those words took to me.
Thank you lam.

p.s.: i know i know... priests smeelt faces... and stuff. ^__^


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