Thursday, October 05, 2006

And the fallen hero festival has arrived

Hi! I'm Nostalgia, the warlock :) Do you remember me?
Yessss... Lamthara asked me to go to take some photossss for her for the fallen hero festival and so here i am.

Assss you can see we, the Horde, like to make the thingssss in the right way. We have put not one but four (yessss sir, four :) tablessss outside the gatessss of Orgrimaar and around them the honoured heroessss of the four racessss.

I wassss so excited yesterday when i've taken a photo with the hero of ussss Forsakenssss. And she wassss a warlock just assss me.
But there issss a thing I cannot understand. But if we are undeadssss... then why she issss a ghost? O__o''



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