Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ghosts and boars

Yesterday October the 3th was the "Honoring a Hero" festival and outside the gate of ironforge the good dwarves have prepared a looooooooooooooooong table full of yummy things as roasted boars, candy apples, warm chicken soup and fresh beer :)

Standing around the table you can see the ghosts of the honored heroes of the world of Warcraft... naughty gnomes, beautiful night elves, strong humans and uhm... beardy dwarves :P

The only thing i cannot understand is why there are no priest within the heroes... they seem to me all warriors, rogues and maybe mages....

I'm so disappointed :(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As u can see, even the horde has prepared the "fallen hero festival" (i saw it with my nice troll shaman in mazrigos :P)...there are some strange elixirs on the tables...they're very useful for mana-based classes, but u cant carry more than 20 :(...tomorrow the festival will be finished, and all that foods and drinks will fade...what a pity!

Anonymous Yunk said...

It seems to me all the elven heros have tried to destroy the planet at one time or another. They have a funny idea of hero.

Blogger Lamthara said...

Honestly i think i'll go to take a look at the "fallen hero" festival with my alt (a undead warlock).

Anyway to answer Yunk.... ehm... well no we night elves are uhm... cutie and our heroes... are uhm... nice... and we have long ears so we cannot be that bad....

...oh my God... it's true :( all true :( !!!


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