Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Creepy transformations :P

It's the Hallow's End festival!!! I live in Europe and here it's not so common but i like the idea in these days you can change your shape, race, dimensions :P
And so i've collected a few transformations i've got or seen...

The giant :)
I've met this nice guy in the auction house of ironforge. Cutie, eh?

The black cat. In theme with the spirit of Hallow's End. I went to Feralas to make some quests and i found myself transformed in this fast and mysterious animal :)

The uhm.... Diablo? Demon?
I got this transformation twice and now i can understand how a gnome can feel when he walks around the world. Everything around me has been huge for 20 seconds. A strange but not so bad feeling :)

And last but not least... the ninja!
I liked this mask more than the others so far because it last longer (1 hour) and above all because it transformed me in a human so that i could dance the Macarena instead of the sexy dance of the night elves :P


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