Monday, November 27, 2006


And finally I've written the post number 100.
My posting frequency is lower than before, in fact I can post only twice per week now but my feeling for this strange strange world of warcraft hasn't changed and i'm looking forward for the next expansion considering it'll give me a "couple" of new places I'll be able to visit :P

Thanks so much for reading me... and thanks for much for sharing your comments with me :)

Anyway... here's the new of today :)
On sunday morning i've gone to Scarlet Stratholme and i've finally been able to kill the demon inside. Just a little little little wipe caused by an undead incursion done in the middle of a pull (so we had to face around 12 mobs... :/ ). I've won a good staff and I was so close to win the Truefaith Vestments recipe... just that the mages are always better when it's time to play with dices ^^

Ah! I've also got the devout gloves. Just 5 pieces before being able to get my virtuous vestements.... (dreaming... ^___^'')


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

grat on the 100th post :)

I dream of hitting 100 post lol ive done 50 post about another game i recently played, maybe around 12 on WoW related so hopfully gonna try to hit with 50 posts about my wow journies :)

Blogger Lamthara said...

I guess your blog is nice and you're writing a lot recently.

Don't worry... 100 posts arrive before you expect :)


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