Friday, November 03, 2006

It's a sad sad day :(

No photos for this post.

In a week four guild mates have left us for to go to another guild. Bigger, probably more organized and ready for the end instances.

So now I'm the one with the highest level in the guild... and no idea on how to make it works better.

/cry :(


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

If i can reccomend somethin...

he has a post about guilds and what not..if your havin trouble pay him a visit =]

Hope all goes well for your guild

Blogger Lamthara said...


I'll go to check the blog you've suggested me. Now :)

Anonymous yunk said...

oh no! I'm sorry. yes this happens a lot. On my first 60 character, the other 60s all whipsered each other and left for an end-game guild. They invited me, but I didn't want to abandon my friends. They said it was a "merger" but are mergers conducted in secret with only a few people who get to go? I quit the game for awhile after that I was so disgusted with people. It wasn't that people left, but that it was almost a conspiracy to "raid" our guild of all our level 60 characters.

Now I do some endgame but with people I like who haven't left their friends to win pixels in some stupid game. Some people have left but it doesn't bother me when they leave as individuals, and I play mainly with a "coalition" that does stuff with other guilds. Especially after you go on raids for a little while, it's just the same thing - more instances to do over and over.

Blogger Lamthara said...

My personal approach to WoW is relaxed. I play when i can (3 times per week more or less), I try to organized some raids or instances for the time I'll be online, i keep the promises... and i like to help the lowbies :)

I exp and grow because i get fun doing BRD... I don't go to BRD only because i want to exp :P

For some people it's not in this way. Some people see the exp like the end of everything, the goal, the path. They don't help anyone lower than them because they don't get exp. That's a shame because some of the funniest things done ever have been when i was around 50 and i took some lowbies to do Shadowfang Keep for the first time, I've shown them Gnomeregan or help them to finish the last quest in Blackfathom Depths.

The sad thing is that some people who have left were guys I've helped to grown up and it's not that i expected them to help the others as i did with them... but you know :)

Maybe it's matter of time. Taking out the mask of Lamthara I'm 31 years old, i have a wife and i have to cut out the time I'll play wow from the other thousands things i like to do in my life. Not having time enough to transform wow in a job i take it as it is: a game.

I don't know :)


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