Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Deconstructing Gui

I think that this post has been done in almost every blog that talks about World of Warcraft... and so here i am to describe my perfect healing interface.

I don't use anything to deeply hack the normal user interface... just a couple of addons to simplify my "second job" :P

First of all I've installed the old old old Benecast. Now i don't use it too much for i prefer to de-rank some spells and maybe i've learnt to play but anyway i describe you how it works. It creates some little icons of the spells you could cast on your party members. In this way instead of targeting the members and cast the spell... you only have to click on the little icon on his portrait's side.

Another good addon for healers is Serenity (the little sphere on the bottom right). It doesn't make anything special just make you become fast in the boring stuff like eating and drinking, mount the tiger, buff the people and so on... This nice addon is also useful for to see the remaining time of the spells you've casted so that you're able to know when you'll have to renew your... Renew :P

Then the nice Atlas that allows me to see the map of the instances... and a little addon called Healing Estimator that shows how much i overheal (and I do... i assure you :P).

Sometimes when i raid i use CT Raid Assist so in this way I'm able to break the parties in their class members (tanks here... casters there :P)... but most of the time i don't even load it, in fact in the photo i didn't have it because it was easier to have 2 big group columns instead of 6 or 7 little columns.

And since i like to have the biggest part of the screen dedicated to the beauties of the world I've reduced the gui around 60%... but my monitor is 20' so the buttons are still big enough to allow me to click them well ^^

What do you think?


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

nice nice =] I use CtRaid assist too, but i also downloaded somethhin else called sRaid i kinda like CtR but makes the bars a tad bit bigger. still havent figuered everything out..

Blogger Lamthara said...

I think I'll give it a try considering that CT Raid is a little bit RAM-expensive.

Thanks for the interesting comment ^^


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