Monday, November 20, 2006

How to raid and survive to the experience :)

Friday 17th :) Maybe for you it doesn't mean anything and it's a day just like the others but you have to know that in Italy the number 17 is considered pretty unlucky and the worst day you could face is friday 17th. On the other side we consider the number 13 very lucky and on friday 13th we go out expecting to find singing birds and blooming flowers... and not Jason with a chainsaw in his hands :P

Why am I talking about this ^^?

Because last friday we have organized our first guild raid... and we have chosen Crossroads in the Barrens as our target. Yes... pretty predictable but who cares, it's always funny to go there ^^. We wanted friday 17th to be an unlucky day even for the horde and maybe it has been...

Being the first time we organized a thing so big i have to say it hasn't been so bad. All the lowbies (and we have a lot of 'em) acted well... fought in group and have been able to kill a lot of hordes. More than I expected. But perhaps it's because we got an help hand from a few of ex-members that came to meet us in this joyful occasion :P

I don't know... but... i think that organizing a guild meeting more frequently it will help us to feel closer and like a real guild.
...not just a group of friends as we've been so far :)

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Blogger Excaliber1 said...

Great Idea! guild meetings are an excellent way to keep your guild focused and to provide information on what the future holds. Also a great way to ask for any advice or concerns that can further improve the guild =]

Blogger Lamthara said...

In fact now i want friday to be our "guild meetings day" :)

Sometimes pvp... sometimes instances... sometimes duels and lottery to gain some nice pieces of armor bought using the guild-bank money.

A guild happy makes me happy :)


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