Monday, October 15, 2007

...and even more gnomes!!!

I know Brewfest, as someone said, is pretty nonsense and worthless but it as two nice things to win. The first is the mount, indeed... the second is a pair of glasses made with the bottom of two beer bottles that allows you to see gnomes everywhere you go.

Yesterday I've gone with my guildmates (a night elf warrior, a draenei shaman and an human rogue) to Uldaman... it was only an easy run to smash here and there, take some coins and help a friend to do some quests there BUT... with my brand new glasses everything was better than ever ^^.

It is pretty weird to do an instance where everything is made by gnomes, but the bosses. And no need to say that i'm the only female gnome when i wear those glasses

For Gnomeregan!!!!


Anonymous James R said...

I love your blog Lamthara (or Lamjang or Lamsoth). I was just wondering what UI add-ons you are using. After watching your current video (of Lamjang in Uldaman w/ the beefest goggles) I've looked everywhere for something close but can't find it so figured I'd be easier (and smarter) just to ask you.


Blogger Lamthara said...

Thanks, even i guess most of the people read to see how many grammar mistakes i can make in a single sentence :)

Anyway i don't use too many addons.

for my priest i use:
- serenity, an addon that allows me to not to have an interface full of icons... but recently i'm thinking to uninstall it because seems to me it creates some conflict with WoW ^^
for my rogue i use:
- Sabella, more or less as serenity but for rogues
- roguefocus, an addos that shows the energy ticks once you're in combat
- poisoner, a little icon put on the top-right of the screen that, on mouseover, shows the poisons kept in the bags and you can apply them on the blades with only one click

for my warlock i use:
- necrosis Ldc, just as serenity but for warlocks (and much more useful that serenity or sabella... in my opinion)

And for everyone i use suki's map coord (to see the coordinates :/ yes i trick the games sometimes reading the wowhead solutions :P) and focus frame so i can keep two mobs' portraits at once (priceless when you're in karazhan and you gotta shackle/reshackle the adds of Moroes :)

ah! and yes... Ktm to see the aggro i get when i'm in a party :)


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