Monday, October 29, 2007

Ding!!! and Diinnng! :)

Lamthara is not alone, not anymore ^^
Saturday morning Lamsoth has woken up in Area52 and he's gone to kick some ugly butts... and while he was there bum! A little golden aura enveloped him and the exp bar disappeared ^^... and now a new rogue is ready for the arena.

To celebrate he has done a couple of matches with a shaman and a hunter and he realized he sucked pretty much :/ Probably it is because he has grown up killing mobs and he has never joined a battleground... Mmm but probably in a couple of weeks he'll be better ^^ so cheer for him and he'll grow stronger i know ^^.

On the other side Lamjang has finally got her mount. I remember the first time i had to buy the mount for Lamthara... she was almost 45 :/... and Lamsoth bought his epic mount only at lvl 68... instead Lamjang has just gone to Ironforge, talked to the trainer and.. voilĂ  ^^ a brand new burning horse only for her ^^.

Now... since the felsteed is a demon why doesn't it has a name :/ ?


Anonymous James R said...

All demon horses are named Felsteed. It does tend to get confusing in Felsteed school when they are calling attendance.

Blogger Lamthara said...

I guess so too :)

Anonymous Mil said...

gz... and gz! :p

(PS. I like your gnome <3)


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