Thursday, October 11, 2007

One cold for me... one cold for ya!

Brewfest is a nice new festival that takes place in Ironforge (and the other main cities of Azeroth). I've left a lot of time before going there considering that i don't drink beer but once I've read i was able to find a way to please my cute warlock Lamjang... i didn't waste the time and i've run there as fast as i could.

So I've taken care of some rams and I've yelled how beautiful this festival is a couple of time and I've been able to get my new googles ^^

With these on Lamjang won't miss Gnomeregan anymore because everywhere she goes she can see gnomes.

For instance this is a shot of a normal afk rogue :P

Pretty normal eh :) ? blue hair, sharp knives, long legs... but Lamjang just has to put her new googles on and here how she is after the make up:

Simply wonderful!

Now i will try to go in an instance with my glasses and see how a gnome priest is ^^


Blogger Samownall said...

Brewfest seems like a stupid idea to me - no substance to it at all.

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Anonymous Mil oO said...

I want that gnome..!

Blogger Lamthara said...

Gnomes are nice and their race is wonderful.

I can't suffer the males too much but the females are too cutie to be true and honestly be a gnome warlock is priceless.

Now I think i'll do every instance in wow with these googles on (or at least once).


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