Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Moroes, i'll have your head :)

My first time in Karazhan hasn't gone that much well :/
I've got a whisper for a mage, friend of mine, called Aitken... his guild is raiding Karazhan but they don't have enough lvl70 and some of them haven't the right character... or so he said so he asked me to join them.
My raid experience isn't wonderful because actually i don't like raiding that much but i thought that maybe in Karazhan, since the cap is 10 people, it could be better. I decided to take a look and said "yes, i'll try to help you" :)

We started a bit too late in my opinion because it was one of the first times they tried it so everything slooooooooooooooooooooooowed down. The druid buffed a group but not the other, the paladin used a blessing, then another... then the first blessing again, people kept on saying "we go?". Then we step on the stairs and we wiped :'( A rogue went too close to a mob and aggro him so the mob destroy the little guy then the priest then a mage... and in the end the group explodes ^^
Second start: we cleaned the dancing room and everything has gone almost fine... sometimes the holy priest aggroed too much and died so i didn't know if had to replace him or keep on nuking. I just decided to add Vampiric Embrace and cross my fingers ^^.

Anyway in the end we arrived at the first boss: Moroes. Someone said he is the hardest mob of all the instance. Even if it sounded strange to me i said k and i prepared myself for the fight. The plan was easy: me and the other priest had to shackle the ghost-healers while the others had to kill the melee adds. In the end keeping the healers shackled we had to kill Moroes as soon as we can.

We tried three times and three times we wiped always when he didn't have more than 10% of his health. Usually the wipe was annouced by a garrote on a cloth and the healers didn't heal him fast enough to keep him in the group... then we lost dps... then we died miserably.

If anyone has tried him already can i ask if it is really necessary to keep the healers shackled instead of killing them fast enough to save the mana of the priest and their attention?
I always kept on losing attention at the boss for i had to watch how the healer acted if he was still shackled, everytime Moroes vanished i casted Shackle Undead again even if the spell was only halfway of its effect... not very sure this tactic could work, above all if one of the priest is holy and has to choose to shackle the add to avoid her to heal Moroes or heal the tank who's going to die of an horrible death ^^


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

By far he aint the hardest. wait till u get to the shade of illhoof =P.

In our way for moroes we had this:

2 traps
1 shackle
2 tank mores
1 offtank/dps the hell outta the last guy

We had 3 tanks, 3 healers, 2 hunters, 1 mage, 1 lock

Blogger Malva said...

Alternatively, we normally do:

1 trap
1 shackle
1 pally fear
2 are tanked by one guy
1 offtank

If we have both a healing priest and a shadow priest, the healer will be the one shackling.

Having a focus macro really helps. It allows you to keep your current kill target (or healing target) while re-shackling. So you don't need to keep switching and reaquiring targets.

Blogger Lamthara said...

i will try to follow your suggestions as soon as i'll go to Kara again ^^

thing that won't happen pretty soon considering that now most of the people i know are in vacation :)

Blogger sugarzombie said...

i think it's great to get some cc duties. i would like to do this fight more often, but i too am not a fan of raiding


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