Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm not vanished... really :)
Just that I'm pretty busy in real life and that's the reason i didn't have that much time to update this blog.

And maybe that's also because there aren't special news to give you ^^.

Yeah yeah... Lamthara has became holy (again :P ) but only when she doesn't have to rock and roll in arena.

Lamsoth has became a mace rogue (seriously... my heart cried seeing how ugly he is with the gladiator/merciless maces... it's like he has a kind of twisted engine attached to his butt) but he still suck playing arena with his mate... another rogue. I guess that the reason could be we're both dressed with thick paper :/

And Lamjang is growing so much she's lvl 66 right now and yes.. lvl 70 are afraid of me and they always come in two to kill me :P Anyway if you have in mind to roll a lock i give you this suggestion:
- spec affliction
- summon your imp and keep it passive
- dark pact is your friend

...seems stupid to summon the imp and don't use at all but you'll use instead... just like a free mana pot. Moreover his stamina buff will help you in the dirty job of draintanking. I've tried it for two lvls (64-66) and it works pretty well... i've killed around 12 mobs in a row and after i was still full of health and mana.

Cool, isn't it ^^? And you have some other tricks to teach me :) ?


Anonymous Lisanne said...

Good to see that you haven't vanished! Get your RL sorted please, I have always enjoyed reading your blog, although I did not comment a lot. :)

For warlocks, no tips really.. what I do (level 65, old main) is grab a target, dot it up, fear it, grab next one, dot up, rinse and repeat. I can take 3 to 4 a time in that way and somehow I always have enough mana left to go on. ^.^

Blogger Lamthara said...

...psss i will tell you the big secret i didn't post too much recently.

My sweet wife has got sick and got Chickenpox at the nice age of 27 years old. So 2 weeks and an half without going out, with a light fever and weak as a little cat ^^.

So i had to do everything in the house... oh boy... i have become a desperate househusband :/


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