Monday, December 03, 2007

1st december: Ganking Great Festival

Thanks to Deepdish and Nobrain, on the server i play (Burning Blade) has been organized a simple meeting between Alliance and Horde. The meeting point was the Shimmering Flats, near Tanaris... the reason was quite simple. A huge desert with no rocks, just a couple of mobs and nothing that could destroy the experience because of latency.

The meeting as at 21:00 but i can say we started to test each other also around 20:45 and after that it has been a feverish delirium :PP

From Shimmering Flats we moved to Feralas then Tanaris and then at last... a desolate spot in the middle of the hot desert. There was an army of them and i don't know but it seemed to me we got kicked pretty hard :/

I got some satisfaction being dead for a lot of time and running for minutes to my corpse... till be ganked again because the Allies moved backwards and once ressed i was surrounded by 50 bloodthirsty guys. Telling them i was a bunny hop hop hop didn't work :P

Then we got disconnected and we got a nice World Server is down" message :P
I left Lamthara there, on the hot sand, and decided to play a bit with Lamjang keeping in contact with the other brave guys who wanted to keep partecipating at the lag ehm.. gank festival :)

When once whispered me a GM came with the Martin Thunder. I guess Blizzard decided to cut out our craziness once for all.

Shame... :( i wanted to be killed by this mighty sword too


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