Saturday, December 29, 2007

hey dude, where's my epic mount?

it's nice to be a lock, you can kill people even when you're dead (dots :PP) you can have a second chance (soulstone) you can run more than the others (or better make them run as snails because of curse of exhaustion) and you can have a almost free epic mount (well... not that free since i have spent 500g but it's much more cheaper than buying it anyway ^^).

To get it you just have to go to the Altar of Storms in Burning Steppes and complete some quests that concerns:
- talk with that guy
- kill that other guy
- give to a stinking troll a lot of expensive stuff
- go to kick ass in Scholomance
...and in the end go to Dire Maul for the final step where you make an evocation and you get your mount (finally).

Thanks to my sweetest guild mates it has been (almost) a piece of cake. During the last quest you must kill waves of imps and felguards... and it's funny to say that just after i have set everything and the mob started to come the healer vanished :/ but lucky us we were all professional so we started to scream and run as suicide lemmings casting everything we had in our spellbook.

... i have no idea how i have been so lucky to get it but... here is my epic mount now :P
isn't it cute ^^ ?


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