Monday, September 17, 2007

Running with scissors

It's a long time i don't post (more or less 10 days ^^? i've not checked yet).
In this period a lot of things happened, listing them:
- my little rogue and lock are growing up and i count to have another toon at lvl 70 in a month (playing slowly as i like :P)
- Lamthara has become an holy priest... and this time full holy (yes :P i also have circle of healing and the holy nova :P)
- I've created another alt (a night elf warrior) to see how it is to be the one who takes kicks and punches for the group

...and yesterday i've received a call from my guildmates to go to make Scarlet Monastery armory with them. If you are asking the reason of the title... well... i am the scissors :)
The reason is simple, i'm just lvl 34 with Lamjang and everytime i went inside a room i were able to pull all the mobs ^^. Seeing the good side i gotta say that at least the hunter has saved some bullets because of me.

Anyway the good tank Banehollow was more than good to keep us alive and we arrived till the end with no problem... it is just annoying to see that sometimes my dots were resisted, it was like i were able to make dps only because of the imp.

I guess that if i dinged there they would gz Jezprut (my little pet). It's hard to be a lock :/


Anonymous Mil said...

omg that gnome is so cute... I want it!!


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