Thursday, September 06, 2007

my kung fu is better than yours :)

Hellfire Peninsula, Honor Hold, Lamsoth. In a couple of days i've taken him from lvl 58 to lvl 60 and in a couple of days inside the bar my exp bar is so blue that even if i kill a critter i get 1000 exp (maybe it's because Lamsoth drinks draenei beer when i'm not online.. not sure :).
Anyway I've understood how it works now, the first time i've been here with Lamthara i was too much concentrate to understand the whole plan but now i see how it works.

Once you're there you take a quest... and the quest gives you a wonderful hat so you can replace it... after that another quest gives you a nice sword... then the chest... then follow the gloves... in 10 or 12 quests you have made a looooooooooot of money and you're green again but with more or less +1000 mana/health points and weapons you could only dream before. And it's not that they made in this way because so everyone is happy (or maybe not only for that) it's because the mobs here are impossible to face if you don't have a new gear :/

I assure you that i've tried.... ten times... but with my previous gear i weren't able to kill neither a boar if i didn't use all my cooldowns (adrenaline rush + evasion ftw). On the other side now i guess i can solo the old instances for i have enough attack power to farm Scholomance alone ^^


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