Monday, July 16, 2007

The happy warlock

Well well well... once came back from my vacation all my guildmates show me a looooooooooong list of things they wanted to do with me.
So this saturday i've chosen to the the healer in Dire Maul West for the long epic mount quest of the warlock ^^

Once you are lvl 70 usually you concentrate to do instances in Outland to gain reputation and better gear but sometimes if you try one of the old instances you realize how refreshing is to run through mobs make them explode just like pop corns :PP

My friend Bloodykrist took us to Dire Maul West, and once inside we started to clean everything without any break to rest... one pull after the other till we reached the last boss, we killed him and started the sequence for the epic mount and everything gone smoothly till the end.

...and in fact here he is with his brand new horse ^^. I hope i'll get the same help once Lamjang will grow up enough ^^.

Then to change I've gone to Black Morass for the last step of the karazhan quests. I got my key and so i've been able to make a trip even there, in the old tower full of ghosts ^^.
I've never been so happy to be a priest... Mind Vision is a great spell that allows me to visit a place without moving... i jump from mob to mob and i see Moroes and all the naughty bosses here...

Soon I'll post other photos but maybe you'll see me fighting there ^^


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