Monday, June 11, 2007

There a new priest in town!

I have played a lot this weekend, i've done at least 4 Shattered Halls, 2 Arcatraz and i've partecipated for a few bosses in Shadow Labyrinth and Steamvaults. The result is simple... now I'm revered with everyone and I'm ready to run heroic instance ^^.

Anyway one of the best experience done recently came from a Shattered Halls run done with a super tank called MÃ¥ster, a lvl 69 paladin who were able to keep 4 or 5 mobs all on him. Don't ask me how... he spammed shiny auras, golden gas clouds stunning this one, spanking the other, kicking the running orc.... never seen anyone as him. He almost made me wish to roll a paladin and spec protection :/

But the nice thing was that i was the healer. Me :) The full shadow "i don't have neither a talent point in the holy tree" priest. I know that you could think "Mmmm.... you all died, right?". Well no :) neither one wipe, we owned the whole instance till the end.

I have always said that i wanted to respec once i had been able to buy the whitemend set and i am still saving my money to buy the necessary primal mights... and now i am strongly looking forward to that time.
Above all because as healer noone gives me credit and instead i like to heal.... and this experience made me remember this ^^


Anonymous Groffdegar said...

Hey, lamthra...what realm are you in?

Blogger Lamthara said...

Burning Blade, Europe. Also known as "Broken Blade"... the funny place where the maintenance downtime last forever and it's hard to find a tank for your pug :)

Blogger Sylvina Solaris said...

Paladins are cool like that, they have an ability that boosts their threat from Holy Damage by a good %, then their talent for extra threat, so they end up with close to like 100% extra threat from holy damage... they lay down a holy damage AoE, and it's easy as pie to multi-tank as long as your team mates tag the right mobs and CC outside of the AoE blast radius. The biggest downside of them is that outside of 10 mans and heroics they start going downhill fast in terms of tanking due to equipment. :(

Blogger Narva said...

ehh, this is do you save a screenshot as a jpg?

Blogger Narva said...

nvm i got it sorry :D

Blogger Narva said...

Well, I finally "finished" my blog :) yeppers, its

have a good day! (and I don't understand, how do I get to Burning Blade Euro instead of Burning Blade USA?

Blogger Lamthara said...

You said "cool" i assure you i've never seen anyone taking as he did.
I've met him recently and we've gone to Arcatraz and i got a deja vu. 4 or 5 mobs tanked together and no problems almost till the end.

Anyway he told me more or less the same things. He said he wished to be a tank for Karazhan too... but noone wanted him :/


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