Monday, June 04, 2007

Botanica facts...

I've been in Tempest Keep: Botanica more or less.. uhm... 12 times. And i have never never never finished it. Once because someone called but alas they killed the last boss already and they only had to take down Laj... once because we kept on wiping on the second boss since the mage liked to nuke the boss instead of taking care of the adds with the aoe spells, once because i had to turn off the mac and make something more useful and important in my life...

...but yesterday i've finally done it ^^. The group was very good. Never wiped, never died. The warrior Ryuichi had the glue on him, the tree-druid probably was considered a friend of the bosses and mobs because they never tried to kill him.

And so finally we kill him :) and i got my key for Tempest Keep: Arcatraz, i got revered with the Sha'Tar faction and i won the Bringer of Death. Gotta say I like it above all for the style and the silent message this staff is able communicate. This staff says: "Hi, i'm Lamthara, a cutie shadow priest. You are dead :)".

Then indeed i'm the one who dies ^^ but who cares eheheheh.


Blogger Bestar said...

The second boss can be hellish if you dont have people dedicate to killing adds.

Many don't realise killing adds is as important as hitting and boss and simply don't feel it is rewarding or usefull to do so.

Those same folks usually do not play healers...ever.

Blogger Lamthara said...

It's all about the group. If you are in a group you should not play as you're farming motes. It's the old "i watch your back, you watch mine" :)

If I am the healer i don't even imagine to spam SW:Pain or MindFlay the bosses. My mana is precious, the tank is precious and i have to preserve them both...

Sometimes instead I meet people that are even nice in the normal pulls of trash mobs but once they meet the boss they are.... "woooo lok that crit zomg lol!!" ^^

Blogger Sylvina Solaris said...

Hey, if you can use your vampiric awesomeness during a fight, blow that mana I say. It depends on group composition, if you have a paladin tank or something, go for it.

As a Paladin, it seems on a lot of trash, even heroics, a tank specced for tanking barely ever needs heals, so I usually only have to heal for bosses, aside from that I'm unleashing my subpar lamesauce DPS, hoorah!

Blogger Lamthara said...

Vampiric Touch / Vampiric Embrace are imbaness made spells, i agree :)

The only problem is that with them in the beginning i make some much damage/aggro (more or less 450 dps and 110 hps) that the tank is barely able to keep the mobs stucked on him.

Lucky me... the mobs don't last that much to harm me anyway...

Anonymous Varrel (Groffdegar) said...

I'm slightly confused...i went to your realm just for the fun of it cus i suck at life, and am undecisive on realm/class and ah when i try to add you to friends it says "Player not found"...? why does it do this? (even for your alts.)

Blogger Lamthara said...

I can assure you I exist O__o''
This is my profile :)


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