Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Main Tank = Shadow Priest

This video has been done by a priest on my server. His name is Timoxi and he's considered one of the best (if not The Best) enchanting on the Alliance side of Burning Blade.

But he's known also for he's somehow crazy so... here you can see how a priest, the new hybrid class from the TBC release, can tank a big guy called Murmur.

Have fun ^^


Anonymous Kry said...

shadowpriests are overpowered! but i love playing with them! bubble tank and dps AND give everyone back their mana/health FTW

Blogger Lamthara said...

We are not overpowered... we are so weak that just a pyroblast or an aimed shot can kill us.

But we have some special tricks to keep us alive (shield, shadowform to reduce damage, vampiric embrace while we "melt faces"(TM).

Anyway i've realized that nowadays people like priest to go shadow more because of the mana regen dot, because they can work super well with the dots of a warlock and because they don't offer, as healers, anything which is absolutely necessary to have in a group.

Blogger sugarzombie said...

what?!?! how does he do that?

... i can't find this Timoxi guy on armory.

Anonymous Teni said...

Sugarzombie -- Timoxi is on a European server so you need to check the European Armory. At least currently he is specced for PVP with tons of 12 stam gems, putting his health up at 12,000+. His damage output is less than 900, though.

Anonymous Teni said...

Sugarzombie - Timoxis is on a European server so you won't find him in the regular U.S. Armory. He is geared currently mostly for PVP and has 12 stam gems in all his slots. Damage is at around 870--not a whole lot for a raiding shadow prirest, but he has 12,000 health.


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