Friday, July 13, 2007


And finally i'm back from vacation. Probably i shouldn't say "finally" since they always last less than i hope but it's ok... i'm ready to go to work again and fly on a gryphon instead of an airplane.

I'll show you the astounding graphic of the new game of my vacations :PP

Here you see the cost called "Mezzaluna" (half moon), in the south west side of the island of Sardegna the place i've gone in vacation ^^. I wasn't able to make any jump from that cliff to see how it was but i'm sure it was beautiful...

...just as the water and the beaches all around this little piece of paradise. Here you see the reflection of the sun into the water. You have to pay attention for the mobs here are dangerous... crabs and fishes who try to crits you >___<' No seriously ^__^ there isn't anything inside the water.... :P

And here the mobs you should be able to find in your journey... the shy hedgehog. This mob doesn't make anything. Just stare at you and shivers. I felt so pity for him that i have taken him and leave him far away from home hoping that he run away.

The sleepy lizard! This small reptile is a relative of the crocolisk only that is always sleepy, maybe since it's very hot its brain has become hot water and you can do everything with it (pull the tail, take it on your hand, push him to run in circle) and it won't escape as a normal lizard should normally do ^^

The mighty puppy!!!! This little dog can crits you with its tenderness... pay attention for there is no plate armor to help you ^^

The island is very hot and it's full or uncommon plants just as this one. This is a wild artichoke. You could eat it if only you were able to take it. Acc... so many thorns.... >___<'

...and here the last photo. A shot of a normal tree. just that since in Sardegna is always windy the trees grows strangely, they reach one meter or one meter and an half in height... then they turn and grow horizontal.

Anyway... nice to be here ^__- next post will be done by Lamthara, again.


Blogger Excaliber1 said...

Welcome back man :) lol how come no pictures with urself in it :PP

Blogger Lamthara said...

well... in a photo you can see my hands (it's the pic of the puppy) ^^

...let's say i didn't want to ruin your imagination showing you the man behind the Lamthara. Not that i'm ugly but I'm pretty different from her :)

anyway... thanks ^^ i'm happy i'm back, the vacations have been super nice but beach life is tiring :P

Blogger Keystone said...

Welcome back!


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