Friday, June 15, 2007

We need more warlocks :)

Well, well, well... with Lamthara I've been, since the beginning, a tailor and an enchanter. Two professions that suck my money and that allow me to make a lot of interesting things BUT I've been able to reach lvl 375 with them only recently. This is because i have to craft/enchant things in order to gain a level and i need money to buy the materials to craft those things (i'm a lazy farmer). So for a loooooooong time i have been lvl 60 and my enchanting was just lvl 200 / 220.

With the "collecting professions" it is instead very easy to level up. My rogue has already reached lvl 300 with skinning and in Azeroth I wouldn't be able to go farer than this. Same with first aid that is stucked at lvl 300. So i have asked to a friend of mine to summon me in Honor Hold :P

It's quite funny to arrive in Outland twelve levels before i should be able to do. Indeed i can't pass through the gate... neither they can use a meeting stone but the ritual of summoning of a warlock did the job ^^. Thanks so much, shadow friends! So now I'm a super master of skinning and i can make bandages till lvl 375. Uhm... O__o'' i could become an healer with my rogue eheheheh ^^

Anyway... dlin dlon! This blog will stay closed for 3 weeks from now on. Lamthara, Lamsoth, Lamjang, Tristezza and all the nice fellows i look after go to vacation in Sardegna, one of the two big islands of Italy. So maybe when they'll come back they will be darker, their body better because of the swimming and their approach to the game even more casual ^^.

Take care.. see you again in the beginning of july :)


Blogger Sylvina Solaris said...

Enjoy your vacation!!!!! Be sure to be swamped by piles of backlog blog reading when you get back!

Blogger Excaliber1 said...

bye lam ='( tell us about ur vacation when u come back!! :D


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